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Conference of Anglican Religious Orders in the Americas
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Updated: June 20, 2017
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Community Name



For the Conference of Anglican Religious Orders in the Americas

For the Mission of CAROA of enhancing our capacity to act collaboratively We are united by a common call to live consecrated lives in celibate community, personal poverty, and obedience to God as mediated through the wisdom of our communities.


Community of the Holy Spirit

St. Hilda's House, New York, NY, USA. Community Council. Branch Houses: The Melrose Convent and Bluestone Farm and Living Arts Center, Brewster, New York, USA.


Community of St Francis

St. Francis House, San Francisco, California, USA. Sister Pamela Clare, Minister Provincial. Particular ministry to the poor, the marginalized, and the sick.


Community of St John Baptist

Convent of St John Baptist, Mendham. New Jersey, USA. Sister Eleanor Francis, Superior. Ministry: St Marguerite's Retreat House; for their house in New York City.


Community of St Mary, Southern Province

Sisters of St Mary, Sewanee, Tennessee, USA. Sister Madeleine Mary, Superior. Branch House: Sisters of St Mary, Marycroft – Banga-an, Philippines. For growth in our community, our oblate formation program, and our organic prayer program.


Community of St Mary, Western Province

St. John's by-the-Lake, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Sr. Letitia, Superior.


Aspirants to the Religious Life

We pray that those who are called to religious life will respond to that call and explore their vocation


Community of the Sisters of the Church

Sister Margaret CSC, Canadian Sister Provincial. For the Sisters in Oakville and Hamilton in Canada.


Community of the Transfiguration

Convent of the Transfiguration, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Sister Teresa Marie Martin, Superior. Ministries: Bethany School, St. Monica's Recreation Center and Transfiguration Spirituality Center in Cincinnati, Ohio; Tabor Cottage in Northern Ohio.


Order of the Holy Cross

Brother Robert James Magliula, Superior. Houses: Holy Cross Monastery, West Park, New York, USA; Mount Calvary Monastery, Santa Barbara, California, USA; Holy Cross Priory, Toronto, Canada; Mariya uMama weThemba Monastery, Grahamstown, South Africa; and for Monks not in Residence. Pray for the Holy Cross School in South Africa.


Order of Julian of Norwich

White Lake, Wisconsin, USA. Mother Hilary, Guardian. Give thanks with us for the completion of our new guesthouse.


Order of St Anne

Bethany Convent, Arlington, Massachusetts, USA. Sister Ana Clara, Superior. Ministry of witness to 21st Century Christians


Postulants and Novices

We pray for those who are exploring vocations as Postulants and Novices, that they will find support in their discernment and growth in Religious Life


Order of St Anne

Chicago, Illinois, USA. For the Sister Judith Marie Mandrath, Reverend Mother. Work in Church of the Ascension and as teachers and counsellors. Pray for the Community following the death of Sister Mary Margaret, may she rest in peace and rise in glory.


Order of St Helena

For the on-going process of settling in to our new convent in North Augusta SC, and for all those discerning a vocation to the religious life.


Order of St Benedict

St. Gregory's Abbey, Three Rivers, Michigan, USA. Abbot Andrew, Superior. Please pray for Burton, our new postulant as of June 2015, and for our efforts with immigration to arrange for a Canadian priest to join us next spring.


Sisterhood of the Holy Nativity

Bethlehem-by-the-Lake, Ripon, Wisconsin, USA. Sister Abigail, Superior.


NAECC/CAROA Executive Meeting

Please pray for all preparations for the NAECC/CAROA Executive Meeting at St. John's Convent, Toronto on July 10, 2013, and for all those who will be attending the event.


Sisterhood of St John the Divine

Sister Elizabeth Rolfe-Thomas, SSJD, Rev. Mother. Houses: St. John’s Convent in Toronto, ON; BC House in Victoria, BC. In September we received two new postulants, 2 Alongsiders and 5 “Companions on the Way”, young women, ages 21 – 37, who will be living, worshipping, and working with us until the end of July 2017. We ask your prayers for all of us as we all learn from each other.


Temporary, Annual Vows, and those in First Profession

We pray for all our brothers and sisters in this stage of their discernment; that the Spirit will lead them as they, with their communities, consider the call to Life Vows


Society of St Francis

Brother Desmond Alban, Minister Provincial. Friaries: San Damiano Friary, San Francisco, California, USA - Clark; Desmond Alban; Leo Anthony; Damien Joseph; Robert Hugh; Thomas; + 1 postulant; St Francis Friary, Los Angeles, California, USA - Ambrose Crystobal; Antonio Sato; Leave of absence – Ivanildo


Society of St John the Evangelist

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Brother Geoffry Tristram, Superior. Branch House: Emery House, West Newbury, Massachusetts.


Society of St Margaret

St Margaret's Convent, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Sister Adele Marie Ryan, The Rev. Mother Superior. Houses: St Margaret's Convent, Duxbury, Massachusetts; Neale House, New York, NY; St Margaret's Convent, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Pray for the Community as it continues rehabilitation and renewal following the earthquake in Haiti.


Society of St Paul

San Diego, California, USA. Fr. Barnabas Hunt, Rector. Exploring a call to become a community without walls


Teachers of the Children of God

Tucson, Arizona, USA; Reverend Mother Alicia, Superior. Ministry: Education of children Pre-K through 8, specializing in acceptance of learning differences and all abilities


All in Life Vows

We pray for all in life vows and we rejoice in their dedication. We pray that they remain strong in faith and faithful to their vows and calling, with God's help



Conference of Anglican Religious Orders in the America's. Br. Jude, SSF, President; Sister Elizabeth Ann, SSJD, Secretary-Treasurer; The Rev. Dr. Donald W. Anderson, General Secretary.


Worldwide Anglican Communion

We pray for all congregations which are part of the Anglican Communion and especially for all members of Religious Communities in the Anglican Communion


All Religious, ecumenical partners, and other friends

The General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada, meeting for the first time with the Assembly of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, Ottawa, July 3–7, 2013


All Founders

We pray for those who founded our Religious Communities and pray that we remain true to their prophetic vision. We pray for all who currently exercise authority in our communities


CAROA working committees

Please pray for the communications group of CAROA, the strategic planning group of CAROA, and the Executive Committee.




"Whenever we want to ask some favor of a powerful man, we do it humbly and respectfully, for fear of presumption. How much more important, then, to lay our petitions before the Lord God of all things with the utmost humility and sincere devotion."

CH 20, Rule of St. Benedict


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